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Big City Stuff...Small Town Place!

Gramercy Lofts is a new residential living concept for Bartlesville. We offer a fresh living style for those looking to own their home, yet have the freedom that comes with a managed community. An on-site fitness gym along with an inside and outside dry sauna, pool and clubhouse gathering room will provide owners the sort of choices usually reserved for larger metropolitan areas. Gramercy Lofts is located one block west of Highway 75 on Stonewall Drive.


The 40-unit condominium community exteriors are styled after the townhomes common in New York City 150 years ago. Our adaptation will be blended from local materials including brick, stone and stucco, but will still retain the side-by-side townhome style concept. There is actually a gated community in Manhattan called Gramercy Park, which derives it's name from the Dutch Krom Moerasje meaning "little crooked swamp". The private fenced 2 acre neighborhood is referred to in John B. Pine's 1921 book, The Story of Gramercy Park: "...Gramercy Park represents one of the earliest attempts in this country at city planning."


Our concept borrows on the idea of the neighborhood belonging to the owners and being a unique, respected and well-maintained placed to live. We have designed 8 units of varying size and amenities and named them for places in and around NYC:

Soho Flat 

Brooklyn Flat 

Brooklyn Loft 

Hudson Square 


Gramercy Loft

Greenwich Village 

Union Square


We are excited about offering a fresh way to own a residence in a unique low-maintenance high-amenity community while we continue our commitment to craftsmanship and energy efficiency.